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“When our Residents dance, their worries, health issues and dementia just slip away! Dancing is a lifelong love … those people who have danced in their youth, always remember the rhythm, music and pleasure that dancing brings. I’ve seen residents who can barely walk, who say they can’t dance, but when the music starts and with a little encouragement, they get up and dance! I’ve seen the smiles on their faces that come from reminiscing about years gone by, when they used to dance, when they were young and in love. Dancing is a form of therapy that brings out the best in people of all ages and all nationalities – it makes people feel alive again!”

Nicki Tofler, Montefiore Home, Hunters Hill

“Mr Charles Camuglia has been a dance tutor at Meriden for the past three years. His role has been to prepare our Year 11 girls and the Year 11 boys from our brother school for the annual Gala Ball. He has taught the girls and their partners traditional forms of dancing. They have mastered these techniques with considerable success under his tutelage.”

“Furthermore, Mr Camuglia has been the DJ at several of our community functions. He is an expert at choosing a range of music which suits all styles and ages of the guests. One of the reasons for Mr Camuglia’s success is his personality. He is an effervescent and astute dance teacher who relates exceptionally well to the students. His quirky dress style and his warm personality have endeared him to Meriden community. Furthermore, he is an outstanding dancer! I recommend him without reservation.”

Dr Julie K. Greenhalgh, Meriden Principal

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