School Formals

Posted by in services on May 11, 2011

Introduction to our School Formals

This service is planned with the school administrators to suit the needs of the School. We coordinate with the times of year the balls are held and generally run a 6 – 10 week course just prior to the big night. Choice of dances is naturally at the discretion of the client.

We try to teach so that students can also adapt to their own music at some stage. Dancing becomes a life long habit and it is this we try to encourage. For this reason our prices are very reasonable. Our main priority is to ensure a good night is had by all involved from students involved to staff and of course the very proud parents.

Please check out our Meriden testimonial.

For information about prices please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you. We work within the budget of the organisations concerned. Kind regards The Dance Tutor and Staff.

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