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Barbara has had a varied background working in both medical and financial areas, gained a Bachelor of Education and taught in Secondary Schools as well as specialising in English as a Second language. She enjoys dancing and loves organising and has combined all this to be the company administrator. She is currently doing Tai Chi and has accreditation to Teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and planning on adding to this. The Dance Tutor is hoping to incorporate this into their work.


Alex has been a member of the Dance Troupe for some years and is a retirement village and events favourite. Dancing is a passion and we welcome her on board particularly in the Debutante Balls sector. Alex is a Secondary School teacher and believes dancing gives confidence and poise to young people as well as being great fun.


Sue is a valued member of the troupe and is a favourite dance partner for Charles. She has a wide experience in Aged Care and enjoys being part of the staff at The Dance Tutor as it involves having fun and bringing fun.


Angela comes to us with a long and experienced teaching background and has a love for dance and anything that makes people happy. Her enthusiasm and wonderful smile makes her a welcome addition to our staff.


She loves to dance and is married to the Dance Tutor and enjoys coming to the session when her profession allows her to.


Lisa loves entertaining and bringing pleasure to the residents almost as much as we love her.


Like Lisa he enjoys entertaining at the Retirement Villages and comes along as often as he can to our great delight.

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