About Us

Dancing is a bridge to all ages and experiences.

Wedding Couples Dance Lessons

For weddings we choreograph the wedding dance in accordance to the couples’s best wishes and abilities and are happy to be conventional or otherwise. Wedding Couples details

Community and Seniors Events Dance Lessons

The Dance Tutor and his troupe are happy to take part and perform offering entertainment for senior events. Booking is required to allow for rehearsal time. Seniors Events details

School Formals and Debutante Balls Dance Lessons

Choice of dances is naturally at the discretion of the school and we try to ensure a good night is had by all. We are happy to discuss prices with you on contact. School Formals Debutante Balls

Retirement Villages Dance Lessons

Classes are based on interaction, some dance steps and lots of music and singing. Our program is flexible to suit each retirement home and generally runs once a month. Retirement Villages details

School Formals

Community Events

Retirement Villages

Wedding Couples

Debutante Balls